Women of UK Swimsuit Calendar

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Model Profile

What was it like being photographed at Darby Dan Farms, one of the most prestigious horse farms in KY for the very first, Women of UK Swimsuit Calendar?
I thought it was an amazing experience. Darby Dan Farm and horses were beautiful. The entire team was so professional and helped to create a fun and memorable day! <3

What is your favorite part of being in the calendar, so far?
Anticipating the calendar release and the chance to work with the other girls to promote the calendar.

Why did you select UK for your university?
I was born and raised in Lexington. Most of my family went to University of Kentucky. Heck, I bleed blue!

What's your favorite UK tradition?
My family including, aunts, uncles, cousins, and some close family friends get together for potluck to watch big games around the big screen.

Describe one of your favorite things about UK, and/or Lexington.
Unbelievable passion for Kentucky basketball, horses and tradition.

Describe your typical weekend night in Lexington.
Usually includes a sporting event, a movie, shopping, and hanging out with friends.

Do you have a favorite sport at UK?
Basketball and gymnastics.

What is the dream job you would like to have after graduation?
I am bouncing back and forth in two different directions. So, I am not really sure, but my dream job will be one where I can help other people.

Why did you choose to be part of the Women of UK calendar?
I wanted to be a part of the calendar because it allowed me to develop my modeling and get more experience in the fashion/business industry.

List 3 or 4 words that describe you best?
I am super laid back, I don't like to be serious all the time. I love to have fun, and be outgoing. And I am dedicated to everything that is important in my life.

Why did you choose your major?
I haven't fully committed to one major yet. One major, Business, suits my personality but, the other major, Nursing, is what I am drawn to and interested in.

Are you involved in anything on or off campus you are proud of?
It is a great sense of accomplishment to juggle my job and working hard to get through school and keep my grades up.

What special talents do you have?
My special talent is that I am fit and somewhat athletic. I also have an eye for fashion and makeup. I love to help my friends with their hair, makeup and style them for special events.

Name something that most people don't know about you.
I have a stuffed wildcat named "Ken-Lucky" in my living room. Go Wildcats!

What do you look for in a guy? What is sexy?
The most important thing I look for in a guy is honesty and loyalty. I also look for silliness. I hate being serious all the time... I am all about playing around! Big shout out to my lovely boyfriend :)

Tattoos - Turn on, turn off, I'm fine either way?
I'm fine either way, but the tattoo has to have a special meaning and purpose.

Would you say you are more country girl or city girl?
On a daily basis, I am a country girl but, this girl can definitely clean up and go out on the town!

Roses or chocolates?
I would take red roses over chocolate any day!